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Hope, Fear and Digital Culture

Only 30 years ago people did not make things.  They would go to art galleries, buy records, read books by famous authors, and watch Hollywood movies all created by professional artists.  Fast forward to the last decade—especially the last few years—and everything we know about consuming and creating has unraveled.  The makers dramatically changing industries and the world forever.

Today everyone makes things.  Not only has the digital age allowed people to become curators of culture, it has removed all the barriers for anyone to create.  Everyone is a photographer, writer, designer, musician, film maker.  Despite a recession there has never in history been a better time to create and find success as an artist.

The new documentary PressPausePlay explores the concept of hope, fear and digital culture in today’s society.

Ideas that Spread Win

In the clip above author Seth Godin talks about his experience as an author and his decision to release his book Unleashing the Idea Virus online for free without his publisher.  Since the free ebook was released online it has been downloaded over five million times and lead to a hardcover version that topped Amazon’s best seller charts.

I made more money from the book that I gave away than the one I had sold.  The lesson is… this changes everything. The industry is dead.
- Seth Godin

What are you going to do?

Personally I decided to take a leap of faith in early 2009 leaving the ad agency world behind with the goal of being able to find happiness in creative work that I control, provide for my family, and grow a business that gives back to society and employs other talented people.  It took several months of ad agency contracts and client work, but finally in late 2010 I was able to transition from clients to truly being independent.  For the first time in my career I feel like I have full creative control over what make or pursue.

Best of all getting to this point didn’t require any luck, special favors or a pile of cash.  It was accomplished through seeing an opportunity and acting on it with a bit of hard work. I strongly believe that there is no reason why anyone else couldn’t do the same in this amazing time we live in.

With all of this opportunity to create and get paid for it, how are you going to take advantage of the moment?

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